Monday, February 23, 2009

owh geez what happened today?

you've disappoint meeee!!
how dare you not attend princess ami's birthday par-tay!!
i shall take half of your monthly salary for 6 month starting from now!!!
those who break the rule of ami's kingdom shall suffer!!

7 thing you missed on my birthday par-tay

-sufie was there
-never in history, the birthday girl has to buy her own birthday cake
-you've missed watching Anna Farris's butt(naked butt)
-izurin hugged me just to eat my birthday cake(you can just ask)
-i think doda farted
-watch me suffer on my birthday par-tay(i tried to study geography)
-experience the neediest birthday par-tay ever!!(10++ per head)

par-tay round up!!

-it was the lamest par-tay i've ever done!!
-watching people's butt is very uncomfortable
-i don't like to be hug
-doda was spreading minyak angin all over her tummy,so she must farted
-reading on your birthday par-tay is not cool
-collecting people's money just to make this par-tay makes me laugh XD


OLLA 15!!


[ nadia ] said...

hapy belated fatami

Whitebourbon said...

gahhh!! im sorry! oversleptXD ala how on earth shud i know ur adress? i nak pm puteri cam hape jea ta on9 ym.. im afraid to bell her houseT.T

average ami said...

kan da kate buat kat pondok fara
pondok fara pon u x tau ka?

Whitebourbon said...

mana la nak tau umah bdak2 pmpuan nieh..=.=