Tuesday, December 23, 2008

such a waste

i've never seen any
new found hotties in a movie ever in my life(maybe)
but i just did
in twilight
but age change it all (for me)

i think rob pattison's pretty hot
but he's old and he got ugly hairstyle

jackson rathbone, yah jasper
u-huh the cute one
but he's well..old

fara got emmet cullen(kelen lutz) as her twilight match
and she doesn't even know
who the hell is emmet cullen
but fans love him
same goes here, he's old

and then,
some fans love dr. carlisle(peter something)
and they thing he's..well hot
but this time the problem is much bigger
he's married and he has a daughter
and and he's old

finally a savior!!~
taylor lautner
he's cute and he's NOT old

taylor lautner Pictures, Images and Photos

such a waste right?
uhh..im just bored


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