Tuesday, December 9, 2008

how put easily fall for a guy

weather:it's raining owh it's not
daily Q's and A's: Q:are you jasper's?
A:-__- we're MARRIED duhh

today while im watching "BOO"(the stupidest horror movie) with put and aisya
at naimah's house
i found out that put fall for a guy easily(if you're cute)
so guys out there
if you want to be put's
you have to be:

-VERY hot/cute
-again when i write very i meant VERY VERY VERY hot/cute
-if you're not a movie star you GOT to be rich
-you have to look like edward cullen (if you do .SHE'LL GO CRAZY FOR YAH')

i didn't make tuna casserole today
why?my mom wont let me
because she cook to much food today
and that also explain why im so fat

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
aww looky they're all vampire


Icihiro Kisuke said...

looks like
u suke vampire

Puteri A said...

hell yeah babbyyy XD

average ami said...

i LOVE vampire
im married to a vampire

Ren rocks; said...

=.=" oh yah me agree with that ami!
need to be super duper hot to be put's boy!